Company is developing Video Editing Systems for end users as well as for small TV studios. We are creating our solutions from A to Z – we collect requirements, we design, produce, implement, deploy and offer maintenance for our systems.
To create our hardware we use the most innovative technologies: DSP processors, FPGA chips and advanced digital video processing electronics.

We have very strong software development department. We create low-level software as well as sophisticated end-user applications, like our own non-linear editing software for PCs or application for virtual studio creating.


  • We are looking for new customers for products which could be dedicated to multimedia hardware/software market or industrial video processing.
  • We can provide design and implementation services (hardware and software) for digital television and related areas (e.g. Digital Audio).
  • We need support in distribution of our products and services on new markets.


The hardware division of HDP Electronics is widely experienced in audio-video systems designing. For many years we create A/V processing devices for end-users addressed to domestic marked but we also offer dedicated solutions for other companies, not only for amateurs but also for broadcast studios.

Most of our systems communicate with PC platforms, so PCI and PCIe are well known for us. We can use it as Add-on PC cards and in external devices as well. Our solutions use also analog video interfaces (CVBS, S-Video, YUV, RGB) and digital links (FireWire, HDMI, SDI). For video compression we use DV and MPEG-2 formats based on hardware solutions or DSP processors.
We are designing multi-layer PCBs using Altium Designer software. Our systems works with signals frequencies up to 3GHz. All produced devices are designed and tested according to requirement of CE certificate of EU.

In many solutions we use FPGA and CPDL devices for which we are designing our own structures. Our experience on that field extends on most of chips belonging to Altera’s families: Stratix GX, Cyclone, MAXII.

Fields on which we are working now

  • SD and HD real-time video processing,
  • video multi-streaming through PCI Express bus,
  • video filters,
  • real-time audio processing,
  • soft-core processors (NIOS),
  • transmitting data via Ethernet.

Our FPGA and CPLD design division offers

  • designing in VHDL and Verilog,
  • Developing specialized modules (e.g. IP Cores) but also integrated solutions,
  • Creating single integrated circuits (SOC), including software,
  • Working with fast serial interfaces and protocols (PCI Express, SDI),
  • Creating Windows drivers (XP, Vista) for devices using PCI and PCI Express.


HDP is a producer of OEM electronic devices for industry and individual users. We offer complex support regarding advanced design and production

We take responsibility for all the process from idea to production:

  • from idea,
  • Through assumptions,
  • Technical documentation,
  • PCB design,
  • Design mechanical part, circuits etc.
  • Making the prototypes, CE certification,
  • Documentation for production,
  • Ordering all electronic parts for production,
  • Assembling (surface-mount, through-hole, mixed),
  • Testing,
  • Launching and production supervising,
  • Completing and packaging,
  • Shipping to customer.

Our company cooperates with reputable manufacturers and electronic parts distributors in Poland and abroad. All currently used mount technologies are known for us. We guarantee high quality of all services and introduce no limits for production quantity – huge series and small orders are acceptable.

We are open for widely defined cooperation regarding development of both – hardware and software.


HDP’s software department is stable, constantly growing team. For more than 10 years it collects experience on design and implementation of video editing systems, associated tools, SDKs (VideoZIP RT SDK) and rendering engines for linear and non-linear editing systems.

The software we create, similarly as hardware, can be called complete solution. It covers code for DSP, Windows drivers, multimedia processing modules, 3D engines and end-user applications. Our biggest system has code of length exceeding 700 KLOC (kilo-lines of code).

Software division offers

  • software systems design,
  • complete development,
  • intruduction, installation and integration at client’s end,
  • trainings related to systems and technologies,
  • long-time maintenance.

We are specialized at

  • languages: C/C++/C#, Windows SDK, STL, boost, MFC, WTL,
  • Development environments: Eclipse, Microsoft Visual Studio,
  • ltera Quartus,
  • DSP development software: iMMediatools BSP15, TriMedia,
  • uClinux-based embedded systems,
  • 3D: DirectX 9c/10, OpenGL, HLSL, Cg, GLSL, CUDA,
  • media: DirectShow, MainConcept codecs, Windows Media Format, Windows Media Encoder, QuickTime, MPEG,
  • profilers: CodeAnalyst, PrefHud, PIX,
  • Windows DDK.
  • Windows

ere we’d like to introduce some of projects realized after year 2000.

Our projects

Through all the years of our existence, HDP Electronics is involved into very ambitious and technologically advanced undertakings.


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